Advanced Personal Training Courses

You are now a qualified personal trainer and have an established client base either in a gym, as a self-employed personal trainer or a combination of the two. You want to build upon your experience to date and grow your client base even larger, what are the next steps?

Continuous professional development (CPD) as a personal trainer

Well, like any career, one in health and fitness is not that different. If you want to remain as an active member of REPs you will need to maintain a level of CPD. After your first year of registration, REPs requires that you gain 24 CPD points over a two year period. These may be obtained through a series of short or one or two longer courses.

Why do I need to complete CPD courses at least every 2 years?

It is important to keep up to date with changes in industry standards and the field of sport and exercise science is one that is constantly bringing new research to the forefront. You, as a fitness professional, need to keep abreast of these findings.

Advanced Personal Trainer courses

By adding more strings to your bow you will, overtime, become an advanced personal trainer. Some of the courses that you might like to consider in order to do this are listed below:

  • Kettle bells instructor
  • Boot Camp Instructor
  • Suspension training
  • Group Cycling instructor
  • Sport specific courses
  • Special populations e.g. elderly, pregnant

For a full list of possible personal trainer CPD courses visit our Further Learning channel.

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