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About this course

Physical fitness begins with emotional fitness.

Mosaic Method is a groundbreaking training that provides fitness instructors and enthusiasts with a thorough understanding of how the brain reacts to music, and how that affects our mind, body and emotions. Pulling from several decades of experience as professional musicians, music supervisors, DJs and yoga instructors, as well as years spent studying the latest neuroscience research in the fields of music and movement, founders Derek Beres and Philip Steir have created Mosaic Method to help better incorporate music in fitness and help people get the most out of their classes and workouts..

Mosaic Method helps you create a total mind-body experience for your students. Through a deep understanding of movement, music, and emotions, you gain insights into personal and professional creative expression. While the method can be applied to any movement discipline, our four modules are:

—¦ Main Studio (cardiorespiratory/metabolic training)

—¦ Yoga

—¦ Studio Cycling

—¦ Dance

Instructors and movement professionals will learn music's intriguing effects on our brains and nervous systems. Mosaic Method helps teachers create better playlists and aids in more targeted sequencing, as well as understand the emotional foundation of their clients and students (and themselves!). This will help them forge lasting relationships and bonds.

Many instructors focus on music's entertainment value without understanding its value as a motivational and therapeutic tool. Music was encoded inside of us through evolution to convey information, share emotions, soothe infants, motivate warriors, form social bonds, and open the door to trance-like Flow states.

Most professionals are aware of music's motivational impact: a driving, steady beat helps divert the mind from the unpleasant aspects of physical exertion and boredom, as well as increases one's heart rate, blood flow and pain threshold. New scientific research shows that music also helps improve muscle coordination and aid muscles so they use less energy and become more effective. But this is only one part of the journey. What about relaxation and stress relief, as well as dealing with difficult emotional situations? Music covers it all.

Some of the topics we discuss in the training:

—¦ The investigation of the power of music on the brain/mind/body.

—¦ The origins of music and its effects on cultures.

—¦ How music has shaped our species and societies.

—¦ Why music has a strong effect on our emotions, and how we can use music to address different emotions at different times.

—¦ How music makes us move our bodies.

—¦ How music engages our sensory motor systems.

—¦ How to use music to enter Flow states.

—¦ How music brings people together in communities, and how to best utilize this knowledge in a group fitness setting.

—¦ Therapeutic uses of music, the fastest growing area of the music business.

—¦ The science of background music.

—¦ The psychological and physiological aspects of rhythm.

Mosaic Method also provides instructors with practical information, knowledge, and strategies for incorporating music by using our history of placing music in film and TV. We investigate how film composers and music supervisors use music to show you how this skill can be applied in class.

Upon completion of this program fitness instructors will understand how to choose music to create their own unique class for whatever moods they are seeking to evoke. The result is not only a better studio experience, but the ability to help your clients”as well as yourself”deal with a wide range of emotions, from sadness and despair to anger and anxiety, with a deep understanding and awareness of music and movement's effects on our brains and bodies.

As an external stimulus music is a key ingredient in helping athletes achieve peak performance as well as being a doorway to reaching Flow states. Music is not secondary to fitness”it is a driving force behind movement and mind. Mosaic Method brings all this information together in an easy to understand and exciting format that can support your teaching in a revolutionary new way.

What are the requirements?

  • a passion for music and movement.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 26 lectures and 6 hours of content!
  • understand the neuroscience of music and movement.
  • have more control of your emotions and thoughts.
  • design playlists and fitness routines that are inventive, creative and powerful.
  • learn how to meditate to music using our exclusive song tasting technique.
  • understand how to use music for classes the way filmmakers use it for film and TV.

What is the target audience?

  • This program is designed for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. It will be especially beneficial to main studio, cycling, dance and yoga instructors, though anyone looking to gain a firm understanding of the neurochemistry of music and movement will benefit.
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