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24 hours
Various dates throughout the year
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This course is open to all

About this course

Our Unforgettable Digital Photography course does not focus on the technical aspects of becoming a better photographer but instead teaches the student how to see life creatively and to document their daily experiences through beautiful images. For this photography course there is no fancy equipment required, and we will explore the six essential principles of seeing like a photographer as outlined the course textbook: 1) Shoot the Moment, Not the Subject, 2) Keep It Real, 3) Embrace Intimacy, 4) Move Your Eye, 5) See The Light and 6) Feel the Rhythm. You will complete this course with an understanding of what it means to be a visual storyteller and have four series of photographs that will illustrate the beauty in your daily life and inspire you to continue taking meaningful and stunning photographs.

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Discover Digital Photography Module 1
Getting in Close

Module 1 of our course begins by covering basic compositional techniques that will assist students with taking better images. We will then discussing the importance of shooting in the moment and what kinds of moments are best to capture. Next we will learn how to be photographic storytellers and how our images share the stories of our lives. Lastly we will learn to capture closeness and human intimacy in our photographs.

  • Principles of Composition
  • Shooting in the Moment
  • Different Kinds of Photographic Moments
  • Keeping Your Photos Real
  • Telling Stories Through Your Photos

Discover Digital Photography Module 2
Learning to See

In Module 2 students will learn to see like photographers by moving their eye and seeing the typical in a new way. We will also discuss how camera angle and lighting can influence the mood or feeling of an image and how to manipulate both to achieve a desired result. Lastly we will discuss what the author of the textbook describes as the natural rhythm of everyday life and how to capture this rhythm in our images.

  • Move Your Eye
  • Learning to See Things Differently
  • Finding a New Angle
  • Seeing the Light
  • Finding the Natural Rhythm

Discover Digital Photography Module 3
Technical & People Skills

Module 3 will focus on some of the technical aspects of photography that can be manipulated in and out of your camera to achieve a more creative image and the people skills needed to be a successful photographer. Technical aspects discussed include panning, blur and shutter speeds, lighting techniques and focus. Our discussion of people skills will include best practices for working with adults as well as with babies and children.

  • Panning, Blur and Shutter Speeds
  • More Lighting Techniques
  • Changing the Focus to Create Interest
  • Working with People
  • Playing with Babies and Children

Discover Digital Photography Module 4
Beyond the Subject

The last module of the course will discuss the space beyond your subject and includes discussions of props, backdrops, and studios. We will begin by learning how to use ordinary props in extraordinary and unconventional ways to create artistic and fun images. Next we will discuss how to use both typical and unique options for backdrops for your subjects and photo shoots. We will briefly touch on street photography and how to use the street as your studio . Lastly, to conclude the course, we will be reminded of ways to keep photography fun and engaging for both ourselves and our subjects.

  • Props in Your Photos
  • Using Normal Props in Extraordinary Ways
  • Backdrop Options
  • Using the Street as Your Studio
  • Having Fun While You Shoot
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