Course Type
6 hours
Various dates throughout the year
Entry Requirements
All Levels

About this course

this is a very comprehensive and crisp course with only the relevant topics which would help you to become a pro twitter user and after getting loads of followers ,increased engagement and money in your pocket.

if you want any topic to be included in this course which you are not able to find it out then let me know and i would be happy to include it in this course which you will get as an update.

your each penny you will spent to buy this course has been valued ,so don't hesitate to buy this course as it would definitely help you out in all learning twitter from start and gaining load of active and useful followers on your account which would be of great benefit in long run giving you many benefits like twitter marketing etc.


Tushar Grover

What are the requirements?
  • internet
  • english
  • what is social network

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 30 lectures and 5 hours of content!
  • make a new twitter account
  • learn A-Z about twitter and how to use it
  • increase followers on their twitter accounts
  • use various high profile twitter tools with ease
  • increase their engagement with their followers
  • monetize their twitter accounts to earn money from it
  • drive traffic to your website and youtube videos from twitter

What is the target audience?
  • a person willing to get started with twitter
  • a person willing to learn basics and advanced features of social network-twitter
  • a person willing to increase his followers count on his various twitter account
  • a person willing to monetize his twitter accounts to earn money from them

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