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Course Type
Distance / Online learning
12 months
Various dates throughout the year

About this course

Digital marketing is about communicating the value of a company’s products or services through the digital medium. It is an essential aspect of business and can make for an exciting, rewarding career. The CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing will give you a comprehensive insight into all elements and channels used in digital marketing, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

As the career you’ll progress in is a marketing position, there are some skills that you could transfer from previous experience that you may’ve gained, such as working in admin, secretarial or as a PA. From these roles you’d have picked up skills in business management, Microsoft excel, business administration and general office skills. You will learn how to creatively employ digital elements to the marketing mix, influence consumer behaviour using social media platforms and plan effective digital campaigns.

As your career progresses you’ll pick up skills in Microsoft excel, business administration and general office skills. You’ll earn a diploma in digital marketing and become a member of CIM upon joining the course.

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