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About this course

Managing Quality Service in Hospitality teaches the concept of treating customers as guests and creating a "WOW" experience for them. Many other courses in this subject area skip over guest-focused service strategy in hospitality or service. This course fully covers the topic of managing hospitality organizations by using real life experience from companies like Walt Disney Company, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Darden Restaurants, Southwest Airlines and many others.

Each module includes at suggested hospitality activities for students, in which students are encouraged to visit local organizations to talk with guests, employees and managers to obtain a variety of perspectives on the guest experience. Other activities will have students going to the internet to visit established sites for hospitality organizations.

Real and hypothetical hotels, restaurants, and other business types found in the hospitality industry are included as case studies giving the opportunity for reflection on hospitality concepts and principles. The "Ethics in Business" segments encourage students to analyze ethical issues associated with each topic.

Prerequisite(s): None

Managing Quality Service Module 1
Hospitality Service Strategy

  • Providing Service
  • Guestology: What Is It?
  • The Guest Experience & Expectations
  • Quality, Value, and Cost Defined
  • Meeting Guest Expectations
  • The Hospitality Planning Cycle
  • Assessing the Organization Itself
  • Involving Employees in Planning
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Tools
  • Setting the Scene for the Guest Experience
  • How the Service Environment Affects the Guest

Managing Quality Service Module 2
Developing the Hospitality Culture

  • The Importance of Leaders
  • The Importance of Culture
  • Beliefs, Values, and Norms
  • Culture and the Environment
  • Communicating the Culture
  • Changing the Culture
  • Staffing for Service
  • The Many Employees of the Hospitality Industry
  • Loving to Serve
  • Employing the Best to Serve Your Guests

Managing Quality Service Module 3
Hospitality Service Staff

  • Training Employees to Serve
  • Developing a Training Program
  • Training Methods
  • Employee Development
  • Motivating Employees
  • Rewarding Employees for Performance
  • Linking Performance and Rewards
  • Clarifying Employees' Roles
  • Motivation, Employee Satisfaction, and Guest Satisfaction
  • Guest Co-Create Value
  • Strategies for Involving the Guest
  • Determining When Guest Participation Makes Sense

Managing Quality Service Module 4
Hospitality Service Delivery System

  • Communicating for Service
  • The Challenge of Managing Information
  • Information and the Service Product
  • Information and the Service Setting
  • Information and the Delivery System
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Planning and Designing the Service Delivery System
  • Developing the Service Delivery System
  • Targeting Specific Problem Areas
  • Waiting for Service
  • Capacity and Psychology of Waiting
  • Managing the Perception of Waiting
  • Service Value and the Wait

Managing Quality Service Module 5
Measuring and Managing Service Delivery

  • Techniques and Methods for Assessing Service Quality
  • Measuring Service Quality After the Experience
  • Finding and Using Techniques that Fit
  • Fixing Service Failures
  • Service Failures: Types, Where, and Why
  • Dealing with Service Failures
  • Recovering from Service Failures
  • Service Excellence
  • Leading Others to Excel
  • Strategy, Staffing, and Systems
  • Hospitality and the Future

**Outlines are subject to change, as courses and materials are updated.**

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