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135 hours
Various dates throughout the year

About this course

As Consumers, we each experience what could be marketing case studies every day. We are exposed to thousands of advertising messages. We develop needs, research solutions, evaluate options, make purchases, and experience satisfaction or disappointment. This makes marketing a particularly stimulating subject for teachers and learners, since its practical application is visible every day. Old rules of marketing are no longer useful to those who want to influence these new consumer's choices. Our course will lead the exploration of the leading edge of this paradigm shift that is now underway. Our course introduces students to the concepts and processes of marketing and takes them deeper into the work of marketing.

Principles of Marketing Module 1
Marketing Fundamentals

  • What is Marketing and Value
  • The History of Marketing
  • Kurtz's Four Eras of Marketing
  • Marketing in the 21st Century
  • Delivering Customer Value
  • Customer Criteria for Determining Value
  • The Marketing 3.0 Landscape
  • The Craft Beer Movement

Principles of Marketing Module 2
The Marketing Process

  • Marketing as a Humanity-Centric Practice
  • The Marketing Process: Crucial to Business Operations
  • Situation Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Execution
  • Management
  • Measurement

Principles of Marketing Module 3
The Marketing Mix: Products

  • Designing Products for Customer Value
  • Managing Product Life Cycles
  • The Paradox of Choice
  • What Does a Marketer Do
  • When the Product is a Pure Service
  • How Services Differ From Goods
  • When the Product is an Idea
  • Product Strategy

Principles of Marketing Module 4
The Marketing Mix: Place

  • Why Place Matters
  • The Changing Language of Place
  • Where Customers Meet Sellers
  • Intermediaries: The Distribution Channel
  • Manufacturing: Where the Goods Originate
  • Place Strategy: A Global Approach
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Increasing Bottom-Line Profits

Principles of Marketing Module 5
The Marketing Mix: Price

  • Pricing Basics
  • Many Ways to Say Price
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Volume Marketization
  • Inputs to the Pricing Decision
  • Adjusting Price Strategically
  • Challenges to Effective Pricing Strategies
  • Pricing Wars

Principles of Marketing Module 6
The Marketing Mix: Promotion

  • Branding: The DNA of Promotions
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Using Promotions to Strengthen Brands
  • Promotional Mix Decisions
  • Crafting Marketing Messages
  • Promotional Mix Issues in a Marketing 3.0 World
  • Practicing One-To-One Direct Marketing
  • Developing the Creative Approach

Principles of Marketing Module 7
Target Markets

  • Consumer Purchasing Behavior
  • It's All In Their Minds-Emotions and Motivations
  • Self-Expression and Brand Loyalty
  • The STP Approach: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Driving Better Strategies with Customer Data
  • Emphasis on the Relationship
  • The Goal: Customers for Life
  • Recommendations

Principles of Marketing Module 8
Marketing Environment

  • In the Environment: Actors and Forces
  • Social and Cultural Factors
  • Demographics
  • Technological and Ecological Factors
  • Ecology: A Limited Resource
  • Economic and Political/Legal Factors
  • The Global Business Environment
  • Manufacturers Shift Focus

Principles of Marketing Module 9
Managing the Marketing Effort

  • Putting Marketing in Context
  • Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Planning
  • Developing the Media Plan
  • Implementation and Control
  • Marketing Management and the IMC Approach
  • Concerns Regarding IMC

Principles of Marketing Module 10
Responsible Marketing

  • Responsibility to the Public
  • Responsibility to the Marketing Profession
  • Professional Organizations for Marketers
  • Responsibility to Your Organization
  • Responsibility to Yourself
  • The Free Agent Philosophy
  • Marketing: A Vibrant Career Path
  • Basic Principles of Marketing: Putting It All Together

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