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Whether a celebration, business conference, industry show or convention - event planners are often an integral part of a successful event. Whatever the occasion, planners can assist in the design of the event, locating an appropriate site, determining food, beverage as well as decor needs, locating entertainment, managing the invitation process, arranging travel accommodations, hiring and overseeing personnel, supervising the event and so on. With all there is to do “ it's no wonder that event planners are in such high demand!

* You have 4 weeks to complete this course from date of your enrollment.

Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 1
The Event Planning Business

In module 1, we will learn more about the different areas of event planning and the differences in clients you will market to. Module one will also explore the costs of starting your own business, both financially and mentally. Additionally, we will look at the time frame you will work with, and how to coordinate the event.

  • Who Hires Event Planners
  • Building Your Business Foundation
  • Calculating Start Up Costs
  • Design Time
  • Coordinating the Event

Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 2
Getting Started

Module 2 goes over the initial questions to consider and pieces to implement when starting your business. This module will look at how you will finance your business the initial equipment needed to get started. Finding reputable vendors sometimes proves to be a difficult task, but in this module, we will discuss networking strategies to use to find the cream of the crop.

  • Choosing a Location
  • Creating Effective Proposals and Agreements
  • Financing Your Business
  • Hiring Employees
  • Hiring Outside Vendors

Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 3
Types of Marketing

Module 3 will take you through a marketing plan and discuss what pieces you should include in your marketing campaign. Making decisions on which group(s) to market is key. Once you have decided your target group, you will be able to use the tips found in this module to help you organize and advertise your website for the intended audience.

  • Networking to Business Success
  • The Power of Customer Service
  • Starting Up a Website
  • Marketing Your Website
  • The World of Social Media

Start Your Own Event Planning Business Module 4
Managing Your Finances and Final Steps

Module 4 focuses on financial considerations, billing policies, and how to manage accounts. We will discuss how to budget and control your finances and how to overcome any potential financial bumps in the road. So many new businesses fail, but we will share tips and ideas of how to operate your company successfully.

  • Financial Statements
  • Maintaining Cash Flow
  • Planner Profiles
  • Keep Your Business Healthy
  • Recipe for Success
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