What to Wear at a Job Interview

What to Wear at an Interview

Job interviews, like in most social situations, first impressions count. The fact is that most people make a judgement about someone within a few seconds of meeting them. So what you wear and how you appear in a job interview really can be the difference of getting the job and not getting the job.

How to gauge what to wear to your next job interview

If you're unsure how to dress follow these three simple tips.

  1. Phone the company and ask how to dress for your interview.
  2. Stand outside the company office a few days prior to the interview and see what others are wearing to work.
  3. Dress one level up to what you think might be smart dress.

The latter tip shows a certain level of ambition to your prospective employer.

A few more wardrobe tips for your job interview

Use the following tips to help you dress for your next job interview.

Not too casual

If the job requires casual dress, come to the interview in smart casuals. This means no ripped jeans, stained t-shirts or scruffy trainers. Jeans in an an open necked tee should be the bare minimum.

No headgear

Under no circumstances wear a cap, hoodie or beanie to an interview. If you need to ask why then perhaps you're not ready to work!

Wear clothes that fit

Too tight or too loose and you'll look like you've borrowed your clothes from a friend that is a little smaller or bigger than you. Before heading out into the jobs market invest in a smart suit.

No flashing flesh

Too much cleavage or showing off a mid-rift is a general no-no at a typical job interview. You should be flashing your personality and job readiness and not your body.

No wacky ties

Wacky ties say 'I try to be fun, but I'm not'. It also doesn't convey to a future employer that you're a serious candidate for the role.

Facial hair

Beards are back in fashion so wear your facial hair as normal. Just make sure it's tidy and well groomed.


A quarter of people have tattoos so most employers won't be turned off by people sporting tattoos. However, you may wish to cover up during an interview to show a future employer that if need be you can hide them from show.


Where make-up is concerned, less is more. Emphasis the eyes and mouth and feel free to wear nail polish. Just stay clear of anything outrageous.

Now you're ready for your interview

So hopefully you understand what to wear to your next job interview. Good luck and we hope these tips have proved useful.