5 Top Tips for Researching a Company Before The Job Interview

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We have come up with 5 top tips to research a company before the job interview. Researching a company before an interview is a must for people looking to ask informed and intelligent questions at the end of the job interview. However, is it also important that your research shows you that your values and career opportunities match those of the company. If they don't you might not even want to apply for the job after doing a little research gathering. But, let's assume that the job has the chance for promotion and that it is a company you'd love to work for. What's next?

Well, researching the company thoroughly should arm you with valuable information that you can use in your application form and in the job interview itself. But, how best should you find this research Here's are 5 top tips to research a company before the job inyerview.

1. Visit the company website

A company website typically carries an 'About Us' page that will inform visitors of the products or services the company hs. The 'News' sections that carry press releases about company developments. Both these areas are great places to find out what the company does, how it does it and what it hs done to make its business better. Company websites will also carry their mission statement, values and objectives, allowing you to tailor your application form and interview questions and answers to highlight these same values and goals in yourself.

The 'Meet the Team' page will also give you the names of important people within the company and give you information about the people who will ultimately interview you. How does this help? We'll it may mention their education, hobbies and pass times, which you can use to strike up conversation both before and after the interview. It also shows the company that you are extra keen and have an eye for detail.

NOTE: It is also important to make notes on these areas as more often than not you'll be applying to more than one company for a job and you don't want to confuse your facts at the interview.

2. Researching the company's competitors

Understanding what a company offers or does also means to can research companies that do the same thing. Knowing a companies competitors and naming them in an application form and in an interview and shows that you mean business. And if you can have a few ideas at the interview about how the company can offer a unique selling point (USP) to beat the competition, then you will make yourself stand out from the crowd of other applicants that haven't done their homework.

3. Social Networks

Most companies these days have a Facebook and Twitter page to communicate and engage with their customers. This will give you a good indication about how many comments they post and what they see as newsworthy information - do they post product offers, competitions, inspirational quotes, links to free guides or other information. Is it an engaging experience or has their page gone a bit stale? If it is the latter, then arm yourself with a few choice ideas about how to pick up more comments, Likes, Shares and comments.

The main players within the company may also have a LinkedIn page. Like the 'Meet the Team' page on the website LinkedIn will allow you to familiarise yourself with the main players at the company and who they have linked to. It may also allow you to see the person who had the job your going for and what they did before and after. This will then allow you to see how your background compares to someone the company has employed in the past to fulfil your future role.

4. Industry News

Reading industry news via publications, industry blogs and industry social media pages will give you a snapshot of the industry's overall health and developments. Developing an idea about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the industry will allow you to arm yourself with informed and thoughtful questions and conversation starters for the job interview.

5. Review sites

Review sites are often an untapped source of information about a company. Many review sites grade a company based on their management, salaries and working environments, both positive and negative from customers and employees! Two such sites are GlassDoor and Indeed.

So, before completig your next application form or going to your next job interview use our 5 top tips and show that you mean business.