10 Things Never to do at an Interview

Things Never to do at an Interview

10 things never to do an an interview is a list of job interview faux pas that you definitely want to avoid making. Examples include chewing gum and leaving a ring tone on.But there are many more you could be making.

Interviews are about making the right first impression with any possible future employer. This means that you should stand out for the right reasons and not for the wrong reasons. So, we at CourseFeeder.com have come up with 10 ideas to AVOID when being interviewed.

1. Never chew gum

Chewing gum in most social situations is frowned upon. When the situation is as formal as an interview you will just appear rude and non-professional.

2. Never arrive late

Turning up late to any arranged event is not a good idea. But being late for an interview suggests you aren't punctual or can't plan ahead.

3. Never leave your ringtone on

Leaving your phone on suggests your rude. Leaving your phone on when you have a questionable ringtone will not make the right impression. And if it does ring, NEVER answer it. Just apologise, turn it off and move on.

4. Never dress inappropriately

Definite no-nos when dressing for an interview. Shorts, t-shirts, low cut top, backless dress, wacky colours. If in doubt dress conservatively and choose tones that suggest professional.

5. Never lie

Whether in your CV or face-to-face lying to a future employer rarely works out for the best, especially if your references tell the truth.

6. Never criticise your current employer

Criticising a current employer is not professional and your interviewer will be left wondering if you'll be saying the same about them in future.

7. Clean up your social media

Criticising current employers, appearing drunk, dressing provocatively, swearing, racist or anything else that may offend should be removed from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and any other social media sites prior to an interview. You never know, the interviewer may check.

8. Never fail to make eye contact

Failing to make eye contact when someone is talking is rude, makes you appear disinterested and bored. So try this. When someone is talking you should make eye contact with them and when your talking you will natural look away at times to think, focus and remember previous events.

9. Never be too confident

Suggesting the job is yours to the interviewer suggests your arrogant and cocky. Sure, be confident and express why your the right candidate for the job, but don't show off.

10. Never yawn or fall asleep

Looking bored, tired or yawning suggests to the interviewer that you can't focus on the task at hand. So be mindful of your body language as it usually tells people more about your that what you say.

We hope these tips are useful. Even if some are a little obvious, it pays to think beforehand and give yourself the best possible chance of landing a new job or promotion.