The Freelance Writer Interview

Freelance Writer

In our series of finding more about people and their jobs we interviewed a freelance writer and ask her about her job as a writer using PeoplePerHour to find work, including writing for

Course Feeder (CF): Hi, what is your name and what is your job title?

Gemma (G): My name is Gemma and I work as a freelance writer.

CF: How long have you worked as a freelance writer?

Gemma: Ive been doing this for about eight months now.

CF: What made you want to be involved in freelance writing?

Gemma: I wanted to freedom to be able to work for myself and from home. Naturally, I also enjoy and have a talent for writing.

CF: What relevant writing qualifications do you hold?

Gemma: I don't have any qualifications. I was never really interested in the way the education system worked. Luckily there are plenty of options when it comes to work that are based on demonstrating skill, rather than remembering facts.

CF: How long did it take you to qualify in freelance writing?

Gemma: No qualifications necessary

CF: What qualities do you have that make you a good person to work as a freelance writer?

Gemma: I'm motivated, I like to achieve targets, and I don't like to let people down, that motivates me to keep on top of my work load. Of course, I also love to write.

CF: What does a typical day working as a freelance writer look like for you?

Gemma: I get up at about 7am every morning, get washed and dressed in about 15 minutes, make a coffee and get on the computer. I get writing straight away and carry on until around 11am. Then I will inevitably start getting distracted by emails and Facebook as my concentration wanes. I'll give myself I break until around 1pm to look for other writing work that might be available and do own stuff, then I'll start working until four.

CF: What is the best thing about working as a freelance writer?

Gemma: Going from waking up at 7am to being at work by 7:15, and having complete control of my day.

CF: If you didn't working as a freelance writer, what would be your dream job and why?

Gemma: I have no idea, if I was to do anything that wasn't writing I'd probably want to work in marketing.

CF: What do you do in you down time?

Gemma: I write for myself, of course, I also have sheep, chickens, horses and dogs that keep me busy. I build websites, read, walk lots and watch lots of Netflix.

CF: For someone looking to work as a freelance writer what advice would you give them?

Gemma: Just do it. There are plenty of opportunities now everyone has an Internet connection, and the demand for original content is huge.

CF: What other jobs have you had in the past?Gemma:I've worked in retail and in the prison service as a prison officer.

CF: How does your current job compare to your previous jobs?

Gemma: It is so much more relaxed, and obviously I get to work on my own. After spending so much time in the past arguing with and even fighting my 'customers', working without them is a beautiful change.

CF: Thank you for your time and good luck in your chosen profession.