Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

In 2012, around 16% of young people were not in education, employment or training and almost a fifth of all working men and women had no qualifications. Thousands of courses are available in all sectors for both unemployed people and those who are in work but wish to develop their skills and qualifications. When a person takes a course of study, it is important they understand how to use the materials and reach their full learning potential.

You can complete this course on our interactive online learning platform, EQUAL, where your knowledge will be assessed through a series of short answer questions with no examinations.

Level 1 Learning to Learn course content

This course is made up of one unit which allows learners to develop their study skills by looking at portfolio building, taking responsibility for their learning, researching and completing assignments, organising study effectively, setting targets and finding and using information. This course is split into manageable sections. These are:

  • Section 1: Understanding the demands of a course of study
  • Section 2: How to organise your study time effectively
  • Section 3: Prioritising and setting realistic targets for study
  • Section 4: Finding and using information
  • Section 5: Listening and contributing in learning situations
  • Section 6: Keeping information in a useable format

Who is the Level 1 Learning to Learn course aimed at?

This is a fantastic qualification for anyone wanting to recognise the importance of reaching their full learning potential. By completing the course online, individuals will be able to maximise their learning process and enhance the skill sets required by demanding courses.

What kind of Level 1 Learning to Learn courses are available?

This course run by The Skills Network is 100% online based.

Course duration

The Level 1 Learning to Learn course runs from 10 to 16 weeks.

After completing the Level 1 Learning to Learn course

After completing the Level 1 Learning to Learn course graduates will feel confident in enrolling onto further courses to extend their interests, employent skills and ability to study. The course is ideal for people who have perhaps haven't been in education for some time or people who found formal education difficult.

Visit our training course directory and find out more details about enrolling onto the Level 1 Learning to Learn online courses available with leading fitness course providers.