Failed Your GCSES and A-Levels? So Resit Your Exams

Exam Resits

You revised (or not). You felt the pressure of exams (or not). You needed the grades to move onto college or university (or not). Nevertheless you failed yours exam. So what next? Do you put your exam failure down to one of life's more painful lessons or do you resit your exams and try to get the grades that you desperately want?

The prospect of re-sitting any exam isn't pleasant. There will be more study, more revision, more late nights and less time to see your mates - yes, those mates that past first time.

So, why do it? Well, in the most part some exams are extremely important.

Maths and English GCSE Exam Resits

For example, most jobs, colleges and universities want to know that you passed your Maths and English GCSE. So if you failed one or both of these exams you MUST resit them until you pass, even if it takes more than one exam resit. As soon as you realised you have failed speak to your school teachers and ask them what is the best way to resit your Maths GCSE or your English GCSE or both. Their likely answer will be contact your local college. But you never know, their might be an option to stay on at school for another year.

Other GCSEs

Other GCSEs are less important than Maths and English, unless you failed is something that you wanted to use to gain a particular college place - for example Art or PE. If this is the case then resit these exams too or simply rethink your options and future career path.

A-Level Exam Failure

Most students do A-Levels to go to university. So failing A-Levels is an extremely harrowing experience. Getting a C in Biology when you needed a B to secure your place at your chosen university is heart-breaking, humiliating and something that can change the course of your life.

A-Level Resits

However, fear not, as A-level resits are possible for those who wish to try again and change that C to a B or even an A. But it will take blood, sweat, tears and an awful lot of hard work and revision. That said try and think of A-Level exam resits as the second driving test you need to do if you fail the first one - it's not something you want to do but everybody wants to drive right.

Options when it comes to re-sitting your A-Levels

Typically colleges allow students to re-sit a whole course, part of the course or re-sit the exam only. Schools who run A-Levels may also allow students to resit their A-Levels, while others may suggest students resit the A-Level at a local college. Why? Because A-Level passes and failures are reported on school league tables and school heads don't like reporting low grades publically.

Some students who were extremely close to passing their exams might opt to resit the exam only with little extra sudy, while others might opt for extensive private tution to pass, though this option doesn't come cheap.

Top tips when looking to resit exams

  • It is possible for motivated students to improve by 2 grades; so a C to A or a D to B etc.
  • Resits can be taken in January or June. This means studying either for a single term or a further year - depending on how close you were to passing the first time round.
  • Fees vary from college to college, so contact your local college as soon as you have your results.
  • Consider private tuition. Before hiring someone ask for their track record and the chance to speak to previous clients
  • Be realistic. It is possible to improve your exam results but remember, you reap what you sow - work hard and you will do well. Don't and you will simply fail for the second time.

Other options for students who failed their exams

For students who failed their exams it could be the chance to change direction and think of an apprenticeship or trade. Many skilled tradesmen make good money and they also have the luxury of being their own boss. So if you fail your exams now is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what to do next.

Whatever you decide, resits or not, we wish you good luck for the future.