The Best Career For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Career for your Zodiac Sign

Can you pick the best career for you based soley on your zodiac sign and astrology?

With the plethora of career options, choosing a right career for yourself is really an important decision of your life. We usually consult with our friends, family, and teachers to get their assistance in choosing the right career path. However, we are always keen to know which career suits us the best based on our zodiac sign, astrology and sun sign. Your zodiac sign can be a great indicator to enhance your fortune. If your sun signs shares most traits, you can consider it a good option. 

Read on to see what your zodiac sign talks about your career life and which profession is likely to take you the zenith point:


Aries is ruled by Mars and have a dynamic, confident, outspoken and ambitious nature. They are born leaders and strong and determined individuals. The career which suits these fiery creatures best includes government jobs, politicians, entrepreneur,   adventurists, rescue worker and moreover, construction field is suitable for them. 


Taurus is one of the most reliable and hardworking signs. They are very practical in their approach and are down to earth. Ruled by planet Venus, they love beauty and luxury. The jobs which are most suitable to Taurians are interior design, marketing, artistic work, luxury sales. They possess a practical and logical attitude which makes them fit for jobs in finance, law, banking and accounting.


The air sign is ruled by planet mercury and they get bored with a set pattern of routine and methodical jobs. As Mercury is the messenger of God, therefore, they love to talk and are most social and mischievous at the same time. They tend to change career quickly and possess traits of adaptability, steadiness and flexible. The best jobs for them are architecture, artistic work and designing, creative writing, actor, media person, journalist, and marketing. 


Cancer is ruled by Moon which makes them emotional, compassionate and imaginative in nature. Due to these personality traits, they can do well in a range of situations and is the most varied of all zodiac sign. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac which makes them perfect in jobs which require care and nurturing.  Often find to work in the field of Psychology, nursing, legal services, banker.


Leos are born leaders, charismatic and optimistic in their approach and towards their work life.  The sun sing is ruled by Sun, and always want to be in the limelight and win the adulation of people around. Jobs which suit them the best are where they have a leadership position or can use power to make a progressive decision.  They love to work in the spotlight and enjoy the status and high power. Leo’s can excel in the field of entertainment, engineering, politics, Entrepreneurship, Manager, and Public Relation.


Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, and perfection is what that describes their personality. These individuals do well in jobs which require attention, observe, analyze, detail oriented and document detail. They are well-organized individuals and have a passion for acquiring knowledge.  They do well in jobs like writing and editing, research and analysis, auditing, accountancy, teacher, detective. 


Librans are diplomatic, social, and gracious in their approach. These individuals are ruled by planet Venus which makes them artistic, easy going and supportive in nature. They like to work in a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere. Libras are people’s people, and do well in jobs like customer service executives, sales person, mediators, travel agents, lawyers, architecture and art also fits them well.


Scorpio is analytic in nature and possesses a well-developed power of intuition due to their ruling planet Mars. They are intelligent and hardworking and do not like doing the thing that is shallow or materialistic. They understand human psyche well and attract to complex topics. Legal service, physicists, humanitarian career, detectives, police investigators suit them best. 


They are ruled by the planet Jupiter and are positive and ethical in their nature. They are known as the philosopher of all zodiac signs and have a high level of energy and inclined towards spirituality. The individuals having sun sign Sagittarius are best suited for jobs like marketing, public relation, politics, sportsperson, hotel industry or travel related. 


Capricorns are strict and discipline in nature and are persistent and responsible in their approach. The sun sign is ruled by planet Saturn, and can excel in jobs related to science, IT, banking, finance, and management suits them best. They do well in any project they undertake and love to take challenges. 


Individuals with Aquarius as their sun sign are independent and humanitarian in nature. Ruled by planet Saturn, they are intelligent and prove to be great scientists, inventors, application developers, designer, and musician. They are unconventional, inquisitive and adventurous in nature. They are hardworking, handle team projects well and usually like to work on their own. 


Ruled by planet Jupiter, these individuals are caring, sympathetic, emotional and spiritual in nature. They are talented artists and due to their compassionate and empathic nature can excel in fields like health care, social work, counselors, nurses, astrologers. They can excel in jobs where they have freedom to work without deadlines.