6 Reasons You Should Not to Marry Someone With The Same Job as You

Should Not Marry With The Same Job As You

Today, most of us have a common view, not to marry someone with a same line of career. Psychologists claim, that partners with same job have worse work-life balance. They fail to devote more time to their personal life and due to this reason their office and home boundaries become blurred. Each one has different perspective on why not to marry with the one who is in the similar profession as you. Work related discussions at home turn your home environment into a mini-version office and are more likely to ‘spill over’ into home life. 

Let’s have a look on the 5 reasons that help you to make a better decision.

1. Badly Affects The Financial Status

Being practical, it is a fact that the market trends keep on changing. We never know when the recession or competition in the market hit our particular profession. Therefore, if you and your partner work in the same fields, or even in the same company, there is a strong chance that a deep recession or instability in the economy could see you both lose your jobs at the same time.

2. Competition Between The Partners

Would you like to achieve success at the cost of “happy marriage”?  In this competitive market, each one is competing to reach at the pinnacle of success. Partners as participants in the same race can become jealous of each other and there comes a feeling of competitiveness between them.  In this situation, marriage becomes a game field where one partner wins and other sulks on the losing side. 

3. Nothing New to Discover About Each Other

We all have heard a common saying, ‘Opposite attracts’.  There’s a possibility of debates and issues among the couples belong to same profession. One of the major drawbacks is that you have nothing new and exciting to discuss with your partner. This makes life monotonous and relationships might become rusty.  Whereas it’s always fun and an eye-opener when you and your partner shares a separate career tracks. 

4. Little Know-How About Different Fields

This makes you restricted to one field and you have nothing to discuss with your partner after home from work. With the same profession line, both the partners are aware about the roles and responsibilities of their work and this makes their personal life quite boring.

5. Fail to Balance Each Other Perfectly

Due to the erratic shift timings and work pressure, there is a chance of lack of understanding among the partners with same profession. People with similar career traits often have arguments and each one tries to prove their point.  A discussion on a small topic related to a particular profession can take a shape of an argument due to different viewpoints of the partners. 

6. No Diverse Social Circles

One uninteresting outcome of people sharing the same profession is similar types of get-together sessions they have. As we can understand from this point, that how boring it is every time to party with friends who all belong to same career line.  This makes the entire party dull with the boring professional discussions on a specific career. 

Hence, we can conclude by saying, “Marrying someone should be for love and respect”. However, if you want to add some spark to your married life, then it is advisable to not to go for the one who is sharing the similar profession as you.