5 Ways to Make Friends at a New Job

Make More Friends at Work

Starting a new job can be an intimidating process. Not only do you have to learn how to do the new job and everything it entails, you also have to fit in somewhere in the already very established workplace dynamic. For some, fitting in to a new group of people is easy but if you aren’t naturally a people person you might find is a tad more difficult.

Not to worry though, to save you those sleepless nights and office faux pas we’re going to let you in on our top five ways to make friends at work.

1. Be Positive

While most people like to have a good whinge about their work, it can also be taken as a bit of an insult if you join in when you’ve only just started work there. It’s like someone has come along and started criticising your family. They’re your family to criticise right? No one else’s.

Staying positive will draw people to you. As much as people can complain about their job, listening to other people complain about it still kind of drags them down and if you maintain a positive attitude not only will you not lower peoples moods, you might inspire them aswell.

2. Don’t Badmouth People

Talking about and criticising others is somewhat of a workplace Olympic sport. It seems that all some people that are forced to work together have in common is their strong dislike of other people they have to work with. While you will most likely have all sorts of opinions about your new co-workers, voicing them can make you seem judgemental and untrustworthy. If you’re talking to John like that about Sarah, what might you be saying about John to other people?

3. Ask Questions

People absolutely love to talk about themselves and anyone who allows them to do that will find that they are an extremely likeable person. Say hello, ask open-ended questions such as how long they have worked here, do they like it. Ask about them and they’ll return the favour. Before you know it you will have an engaging conversation and a new best friend.

4. Don’t Share Too Much

When you first start talking to people you work with don’t share too much information straight away and stick to topics that you have in common with the people around you such as hobbies and interests, vacations or children. Telling someone within an hour of meeting them about your romantic relationships or physical ailments might be too much, too soon. Wait until you know them a bit better.

5. Take Part in Work Activities

While socialising with work colleagues outside of work might not be your idea of a good time when you’ve only just started work, make the effort to go to any work events or evenings out that have been planned. It won’t only give you the chance to get to know people better, but also makes your colleagues feel like you like them and enjoy their company already and this can only make them like you more.