5 Traits that Make a Great Leader

Steve Jobs Great Leader

Great leaders command respect and do the impossible. Think of Bill Gates at Microsoft putting a PC in everyone's home, Steve Jobs at Apple creating a new industry in smart phones and music players, Alex Ferguson at Manchester United with over 30 trophies, Warren Buffet developing a vast portfolio of wealth, not to mention great historical leaders like Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery in the US, Henry Ford who create the modern day automobile sector and Martin Luther King Jr who led the fight to win civil rights. To a man each was a great leader who got things done through their sheer will and by commanding the respect of others.

Whilst history is littered with great leaders, what makes a truly great and successful leader is a difficult question to answer. Not only does it take effort and ideas, it also requires a huge level of charisma to become the one person in the room who's opinion really counts. The art of leadership cannot be learned from the books; it is something that comes with experience and a certain element of charisma. Leadership emerges when the world is against them or really changes have to be done.

Here, we are sharing 5 traits great leaders possess.


1. They stay focused & keep calm

The first thing great leaders take care of is to keeping relaxed, focused and calm. People look at their leaders to steer the ship safely with authority, even when times are tough. They don't want to turn around to their leader and see them stressed and unable to cope, when what they need to see is someone in command.

Great leaders make strong relationships with the people using a certain amount of emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy. Force and anger is not a solution to any problem and typically great leaders don't express themselves this way, at least most of the time. The best thing leaders do is to demonstrate confidence and alertness so that whenever they face new challenges they can handle them with positive mind.

2. They have innovative ideas

Great leaders are born from their ideas. Think Mark Zuckerberg who has become on of the most powerful men in the world with his idea of sharing our lives via Facebook. Or Bill Gates's idea that every home in the world should have access to a persona computer. Great and successful leaders believe in their ideas and work hard to make sure the world believes in their ideas too.

3. They enthuse others with their passion

Great leaders understand it is of utmost importance that they have a clear idea about their vision and path to success. It is a waste of everyone's time if leaders don't have a clear vision about their mission and the way to gain success, whether it is to produce the very best products or scale the highest mountain. Understanding where they are going and how to get there develops passion. And as we all know, that passion is contagious.

4. They lead by example

Great leaders must walk the walk rather than talk the talk. Anyone can say the right things, but great leaders do the right things. Great leaders need to show their skills and qualities to their followers, so that they in turn can follow with positivity and a great work ethic.

5. They are great communicators

In life as in work, it is imperative to maintain a communication with the friends and team members to ensure the smooth running of tasks and relationships. By building a conversion-friendly environment, great leaders allow everyone to express their thoughts in a clear, friendly and positive manner; ideal conditions for creating a happy life and happy working environment.

The aforementioned traits are what we feel are the 5 most important traits possessed by truly great leaders. If you disagree with our list please add your our suggestions on what makes a great leader below.