5 Reasons Why Dating at Work Should Terrify You!

Dating at Work

Dating at work can be fun. Not only do you get time to spend time with your partner, but there can be ample opportunities to flirt and pet each other when others aren't looking. According to an office survey, work romance is quite common and a good number of people around the world are found dating their fellow co-workers.

A good an idea that it sounds, there are reasons that dating at work can be problematic.. From a career point of view, dating can have a huge impact if the relationship doesn’t work out.

So, here we are listing 5 points on why dating at work should terrify you.

1. Bringing issues into work

Dating at work can have a huge affect on your personal and professional life. For example, if you have issues in your relationship, it might affect your professional relationships and furthermore wreck the productivity of your work. One should only consider dating at work only when they think they are ready for it irrevocably. Even after work, many couples indulge in office politics and end up only talking about work.

2. The seniority issue

You might be at the same position as your partner when you started dating, but things can change. Your beloved can become your senior or line manager. Are ready to take orders from them or report to them? In most of the cases, it was found that seniority has resulted in ego clashes and has hugely affected the relationship, making them sour.

3. The break up fallout

Don't make the mistake of not thinking about this. What if the situation is worsening day by day and you both decide to end it? Are you ready to face your ex every day at work? Question yourself whether you are mature enough to keep your private life out of the professional, even if you break up. If you are not OK with the thought, it is time to reconsider.

4. Your bosses might have a problem with it

Before you are starting the Public Display of Affection (PDA) or telling people about your relationship, it is important that you read the terms and conditions of the company contract about dating a co-worker, as some office's ban the practice for aforementioned reasons. Dating at work can be terrible for your career if your manager hear it from someone other than you. And even then, your boss might not like it and ask for you to either end the relationship or look for a new place to work.

5. The end of social life in office

This point is something that most people who enter into an office romance don't consider at beginning of their relationship. Your conversation with other employees might get limited to just "Hi’s" and "Hello’s". Why? Because your breaks that were well spend with other employees is now taken up with your beloved, that gradually removes you from your circle or friends at work.

Or, worse still, office banter or little conversation with a member of the opposite sex, might see you being accused or flirting or even cheating by your office beau.

All in all, dating at workplace might seem a great idea but more often than not it isn't a healthy choice in the long run and it is advisable that you change your job once you are dating your co-worker. Not only will this help in maintaining your physical space and allow your relationship to develop, but will also not affect your productivity and career development.