10 Ways to Get Noticed at Work

Get Noticed at Work

Wearing a red nose, a 'wacky' tie or a loud shirt are three ways to get noticed at work. But no one is suggesting this is the best way to get noticed by your boss. So, ditch the silly clothes and follow this 10 sure fire steps to get noticed at work.

1. Build a rapport, with everyone

Networking with people at work is a great way to get yourself noticed. The more people you build relationships with the more influence you will have and the more people will be on your side in team projects, listening to your ideas or your run for promotion.

2. Be a team player

Another way to get yourself noticed at work is offering to give someone a helping hand with their workload. No one is suggesting you do their work for them all the time, but if someone's deadline is fast approaching and they need a little more help, offering to lend a hand will go along way in building friendships, respect and a great rapport.

3. Don't gossip

Office gossip has a nasty way of making it back to the person your talking about ... or even the boss. This flies in the face of both Point 1 and Point 2 above. Okay, it can build rapport in the short term with other people who gossip, but if word gets out that you are talking about someone behind their back, others will wonder what you're also saying about them when they're not in the same room.

4. Develop specialist skills

Whether you do a course on soft skills or a Masters Degree, developing your skill set to do your job better will get you noticed. However, whenever you complete a course tell people about it, especially the boss. Don't leave it to chance that the boss finds out what you have been doing. Drop them an email to tell them and celebrate your development. Also, tell your colleagues what you've been doing not by bragging but by suggesting they do a similar course too.

5. Take on more responsibilities

Approach your boss and ask if there is anything in his/her 'to do' list that you could do. Then do a great job of delivering on what needs doing. Once you've done this once, keep asking for more. Over time your boss will see you as the 'go to' person with extra tasks. Over time these extra responsibilities will lead to the chance for promotion. And what better way to report that you're ready to step up than detailing all the extra tasks you've been doing for months.

6. Make sure your visible

Make it your mission to meet and greet people around the office every day. Also, aim to eat around other people at lunch time rather at your desk. This is a time when people chat and build relationships outside the normal office-based chit chat.

7. Praise others

People love praise for a job well done. This idea is cemented in Point 1 above. Praising others allows you to build a rapport them. It also makes you approachable, friendly and someone who is a team player.

8. Mentor others

Take the office junior under your wing. Or show a newbie in your department the ropes. Keep it professional by not being negative about work. Mentoring others shows that you are willing to go above and beyond your job description. It also adheres to the idea of building a rapport and networking with as many people as possible.

9. Join in workplace extra-curricula activities

Whether it's a weekly game of 5-a-side football or dressing up for a fancy dress party, enjoying after hours extra-curricula activities allows you to bond with colleagues outside, as well as inside, work. Word of warning though, make sure that whatever you participate in outside of work when the boss is around, is fun but not over the top. No boss worth his/her salt wants to see you drunk and falling over at the office party or on a night out.

10. Think about your none verbal communication

Body language speaks volumes. Standing up straight, looking people in the eye and consciously thinking about how you sit in the office staff room gives of an air about how you feel at work. Being confident in how you stand, sit and move gives others the idea that you are confident and positive person in situations you might not have even faced at work. It means if you can walk the walk, perhaps you're the person to talk the talk.

We hope these 10 ideas of how to get noticed at work help you achieve your goals at work.