10 Things Never to do at the Office Party

Office Party Casualty

Ah, the office party. Drinks with colleagues, people you worked with today and will see tomorrow. What could possibly go wrong? If you follow are 10 things vever to do at the office party tips below you'll be able to walk into your office with your head held high whilst Kevin from IT and Maurine from accounts avoid each other until the day they die.

1. Never kiss the boss

You don't want people assuming you slept your way to the top. And they will if you sleep with the boss, even just once.

2. Never flirt with the boss's wife

You actually want a job come 2nd January.

3. Never kiss a person of the same sex

It's not big and it's out clever. And is soooo 1990's.

4. Never try and drink 'little Kerry' under the table

She's half your size but she can drink more than a fish.

5. Never squeeze anyone's arse

Because it isn't the 1970's and these things ca now lead to a law suit.

6. Never disappear into the opposite sex' toilet

This will never end well. You'll either cheat on your partner, been thrown out, create a stalker or wish you worked somewhere else in the morning.

7. Never photocopy any sexual part of your body

Do we really need to spell out why?

8. Never leave the party to carry on drinking

This will only lend to a 24 hour bender that will leave you broke.

9. Don't pull out your penis or tits

It seems funny after 10 drinks, but it won't in the cold light of day in the morning when you walk back into the office to face your colleagues

10. If you have sex, use a condom

STD's are very painful, embarrassing and can be avoided.

If you can think of any more - or something even worse - let us know below.