10 Tell Tale Signs it's Time to Change Your Job

Change your Job

10 tell tale signs it's time to change your job highlights the reasons you should think about a change of job or a change of career. There are many reasons why people wish to change their current job; too much stress, not enough time to spend with the family, a clear sign you don't fit in at work. Whatever the reasons, it is important to recognise the signs that perhaps it is time to find a new job in the same field with a different company or start in career in a different sector entirely.

Some people can see these signs quickly and make the change, whilst others miss the signs and end up staying in a job they don't enjoy indefinitely. Below we have found what we think are the top 10 signs that it's time to cut your losses and find a new job.

1. You feel miserable every morning

If you feel miserable in the morning because you have to go into a job you don't enjoy then you're starting your day negatively and it is likely to go downhill from there. If you dread to go to work it is definitely time to look for a new job. So, make sure the next job you look for is something that you'll feel enthusiast about, at least for 2 years.

2. Your over-stressed

Stress is not good for the mind or body. Stress can lead to breakdowns, illness and heart conditions. So, if your job is too stressful, and has been for a prolonged period of time, either find pass times to relieve your stress (e.g. exercise, meditation, down time etc.) or look for a change of job.

3. Your work-life balance is suffering

If your job means you no longer have quality time to see family and friends or do the activities you love, then perhaps, it is time to look for a job that doesn't dominate your life so much. Remember, you should work to live, not live to work.

4. You're only there for the money

Sure money is important. But, is it more important than your overall happiness?

You're going to be at work for half of your waking time. So make sure you enjoy what you do. If changing your job means a drop in money, then be more practical about how far your new salary can go. Just remember, you aiming to increase your happiness and money "Money can't buy me Love", amongst other things.

5. You're bored

Getting up in the morning knowing that you're going into a job that is boring is soul destroying. At what other times in your life would you knowing go into a situation where you're going to be bored for 8 or more hours each day? The answer is you wouldn't. So why do it at work.

With boredom you have a couple of options. Firstly, try and increase your responsibilities at work. This might work and make your job more rewarding and stimulating. If that doesn't work or their is no scope for added responsibilities it's time to move on and look for a new job.

6. You've stagnated and stopped learning

Most people feel a self of self-worth when they are learning new skills. After all it is what the human brain does best. But many jobs don't allow you to learn new skills beyond the first induction period. If this is the case then perhaps it's time to find a job that allows you to grow your skill set periodically or a job with a much better continual personal development (CPD) programme.

7. Your performance is suffering

There are many reasons why your work-related performance is suffering.

  • You've have become apathetic to change
  • You're not interested in the company you work for
  • You're coasting along, just waiting for pay day
  • You don't get along with your boss or colleagues

All these signs and more, mean you're in the wrong job. So, start looking for something new.

8. You've been past over for promotion

Going for promotion and missing out can be hard. But you need to ask yourself, "Did I miss out because I don't have the right skill set for the new role yet?" or "Did I miss out because I do have what it takes, but I don't feel like my face fits here?"

The first issue can be rectified. You can enrol on new courses to plug in the gaps in your knowledge or experience. But if you do have the skills needed but you didn't get promotion then perhaps it's time to look for a job at a higher level with a new company.

9. You're living the Status Quo

If you've been at the same company in the same role since you started and time seems to tick by month in month, year upon year, you need to leave now! At work your momentum should be drive you forward, giving your more responsibilities that change your role. But if doesn't happen because you're organisation doesn't allow this then why are you there? Refer to points 1, 4,5 and 6 above.

10. It feels like it's time to go

Don't ignore what you're gut or heart are telling you. You know you're yourself and your job and so no one knows better than you if you would feel happier doing something else. Ignoring this feeling might mean you turn around one day to face the realisation you're still in the job that you told yourself wasn't the right one for you 10 years ago. So, move on now.

This article in no way is suggesting that you need to feel all 10 signs apply to you. In fact it is the opposite. Even if you feel one sign applies to you, the CourseFeeder.com teams feels you should be looking for job satisfaction elsewhere.