10 Ridiculous CV Statements to Avoid at All Costs

Ridiculous CV Statements to Avoid

10 ridiculous CV statements to avoid at all costs are silly comments made on a CV that have no place on a resume and is remark that will not land you your dream job, or any job for that matter.

The importance of a good CV

Remember, a CV is one of the most important and necessary document that you’ll find with every job aspirant. What a CV does, it inculcates your qualifications and professional career all into one to make you suitable for a profile that you are applying. Moreover, your CV includes a hint of your personal details like marital status and hobbies that are useful for the employer in determining your capabilities as an employee and judging you on your personal as well as professional front.

A good CV attracts employers and increases your chances of getting employed in the firm. It is important that you represent yourself as the most deserving candidate through your CV, but you cannot bluntly lie about it. 

Yes, there are few candidates that consider lying in their CV’s. Also, there are few candidates that use direct speech to explain their work, experience and objectives. Here are 10 ridiculous CV statements and ccomments that you should avoid at all costs. We found these on the web. We think they are terrible. See if you agree with us.

1. The irrelevant skills of Applicants

An applicant who was applying for a web designer post listed “can function without additional oxygen at 24,000 feet” under her job related skills.

2. Typos & Grammar Mistakes by Applicants

An applicant wrote her personal details as “I be no stranger to double-entry. I loves numbers, and my wife and I loves journals and ledgers! Can also do tricky sums when I puts my mind to it. Computor litrate.”

3. The Direct Objective

An applicant listed this in their Objective: “So one of the main things for me is, as the movie ‘Jerry McGuire’ puts it, ‘Show me the money!'”

4. An adult with no career Goals

An applicant listed “I need money because I have bills to pay and I would like to have a life, go out partying, please my young wife with gifts, and have a menu entrée consisting of more than soup.” as their main job objective. 

5. Using Blunt Speech

An applicant wrote: “Work well with ethnics and people of a different race.” 

6. CV Written by a 3rd Person

In one of the CV’s, it was noticed that the candidate added testimonials from his mother, praising his work and efficiency.

7. Too Much honesty

 An applicant wrote “Starting over due to recent bankruptcies. Need large bonus when starting job.” Under salary desired.

8. The Absurd Reason for Leaving 

Applicants give all kinds of absurd reasons when they have to answer “the reason for leaving”. For example, someone listed “Terminated after saying, ‘It would be a blessing to be fired.”

9. Personalizing the CV

Some applicants are found decorating their CV with drawings and borders. An applicant was also found using his picture as a watermark of his application.

10. Being Funny 

Your CV is not a place to be funny. Funny applications are rejected in the first phase without further due. Like an applicant mentioned “bringing doughnuts on Friday” under “why the employer should hire you?”

People write the strangest things in their CV’s. Not only they are funny, they are also irrelevant and by writing these you will surely lose an opportunity. Make sure that you do not make these mistakes when writing your CV.