10 Hot Topics of Office Gossip

Office Gossip and Scandel

Every office and place of work is simply thriving on gossip. For some it's the reason to actually go to work. We have ask friends and family about what was the last hot gossip they last heard at work.

1. The boss's divorce

Did he really think he could shag his secretary without his wife finding out.

2. Who is sleeping with who?

Obviously. This is a classic topic of office goissp, especially if it involves a love triangle!

3. Who is pregnant from 'Chris' in accounts?

Substitute 'Chris' for any name in accounts. Once again the beast with two backs is hot topic of office gossip. Let's face it, who doesn't love a good sex scandal?

4. Who will be the first one to sleep with Maggie / Seb from IT?

Is it all sex sex sex in your office? It must seem like it as this is where the best gossip always comes from.

5. Who's gunning for promotion?

And is stabbing people it the back to get it. People looking for promotion can be rather sneaky and keep their cards close to their chest. But this won't stop people speculating about who might get the bosses job next.

6. What's going to happen after the merger?

This is a huge hot topic of office gossip as it is directly linked to people's jobs and whether they will keep it or lose it. So of course you'll talk about it with people in the same boat as you.

7. The Christmas bonus

Many office's and companies reward workers with a Christmas bonus. But times have been hard so will the Christmas bonus go down or will it be lost altogether?

8. What 'Mark' did at the last Christmas party

It was 11 months ago but it's still funny, embarrassing and so stupid.

9. Who has the boss has just fired?

And am I next? Once again the idea of losing a job, even if you don't particularly enjoy it is not a nice feeling. So, thinking your head might be for the chopping block will rock your status quo until the firing settles down.

10. You don't know the gossip you are the gossip

Chances are, if you don't know the office gossip or people lower their voices when you enter the room, YOU are the office gossip. Eek!

If you have heard similar office gossip, or something even better and juicer, please let us know - anonymously of course!