10 Great Money Saving Tips

Save Money

Saving money is the goal of most singles and families, especially after another expensive Christmas. But where do you start? Bills have to be paid, car insurance isn't cheap, petrol costs and the price of the weekly shop seems to be creeping up each week. And that is without even mentioning the rent of mortgage. So here are a few handy tips from the men and women or CourseFeeder.com

1. Consolidate debts

If you have an overdraft, debit card, store cards or credit card aim to consolidate all debts iin one place. That way you'll know how much you need to pay off each month without an nasty surprises.

2. Cancel any direct debts or standing orders you don't use

When exactly was the last time you used the gym? You may be surprised that you have a number of standing orders,including health club memberships you don't use, store card payments per month and charity donations that could be cancel, at least for a little while.

3. Use voucher codes

Discount and voucher code sites allow you to save money on meals with two-for-one offers is a great way to enjoy yourself and save money.

4. Walk or cycle to work

Petrol costs are something we could all live without. So, if you work relatively close to work, use the journey to exercise a little. Added bonus, you won't miss the gym membership you just cancelled!

5. Never use Wonga!

Under no circumstances be tempted to take out a payday loan. Never. Ever. The interested alone is even to send you to an early grave.

6. Switch utilities

Switch to a interest free bank card, switch to a cheaper broadband provider, gas and electricity company and a better mobile phone tariff. Companies like USwitch.com can help

7. Stop Smoking 

Stop smoking as each packet of 20 cigarettes cost over £7. If you have a 20-a-day habit that equates to £49 a week or close to £2,500 a year!

8. Be less impulsive

Sure that handbag looks great or you'd love a bender out with the lads. But will it seem such a great idea when the bank statement comes through the post?

9. Budget

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but how many of us to it? Dust of Microsoft Excel and record how much you spend on shopping, phone bills, rent, car, nights out etc and see what this looks like in black and white. Then look to cut down.

10. Be honest to yourself and your partner

It is too easy to spend on a card and then lie to yourself or your partner that something cost £50 when in actual fact it was closer to £300. Whether it's you or your partner managing the purse strings, lying like this will come back to bite you in the arise.

We hope these useful tips aren't too negative. Just think how great it will feel this time next year when you have £5,000 left in the bank!

For more ideas about how to save money visit our Personal Finance courses.