Take the Pain our of Writing a Cover Letter with Online Cover Letter Tools

Cover Letter Tools

Many employers ask job seekers to send in a cover letter with their CV. For job applicants this is great news as a good cover letter can really explain why they are the right candidate for the job in a way a good CV can't.

But writing a cover letter for each job application can be time consuming. Even jobs with the same basic title might involve different roles and responsibilities when the job spec ilooked at in detail. Therfore, a bespoke cover letter is a must for each job is a must.

But fear not, we have collected a number of web site links that will guide you through the process of creating not just a good cover letter, but a great cover letter.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder offers a free cover letter builder that allow job seekers to create professional cover letters quickly and easily.

Resume Builder free cover letter builder

Live Career

Live Career offers job seekers a fantastic cover letter builder that allows you to choose from a number of styles and personalised features

Live Career cover letter builder

Smart Cover Letter

Smart Cover Letter do exactly what their name suggests, editable smart cover letters that can be tailor-made for different job applications.

Smart Cover Letter cover letter builder

Manager Tools

Manager Tools offers users a selection of quality cover letter templates, that include templates for different job roles and example text to use in your own cover letters.

Manager Tools cover letter examples

Quint Careers

Quint Careers offers job seekers a handy list of cover letter do's and don'ts, as well as great cover letter examples.

Quint Careers cover letters

Not sure these tools help. The read our own the importance of a cover letter guide.