How to Become an Event Manager

Become an Event Manager

In our review of different careers, we take a look at how to become an event manager and what skills and attributes you might need to become an event manager.

What Does an Event Manager Do?

An event manager is responsible for planning all kinds of events. You could be planning weddings, parties, conferences, music festivals, fundraising events or any other large event scale event involving the general public. They would run the entire project from start to finish.

As an event manager, your job will involve meeting with clients, discussing their event and ensuring you are clear about what they require and what funding is available.  You would then organise everything about the event, from finding the location, booking  the caterers, taking care of decorations, negotiating with contractors and suppliers to get the best possible prices and ensuring the event runs smoothly on the day.

Being an event manager can require you to work all sorts of hours depending on the events that you are dealing with. 

Is Becoming an Event Manager Right For Me?

To become an event manager the following skills and attributes would be beneficial:

  • The ability to work to strict deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Creativity and great problem-solving skills
  • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • The ability to manage people well and work within a team
  • Good negotiation and sales skills

How Much Can an Event Manager Earn?

The starting salary for an event manager is between £17,000 and £21,000 a year.  With skills and experience, this can rise to between £25,000 and £40,000 a year.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become an Event Manager?

There are no qualifications required to become an event manager, but a qualification such as a Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning would be beneficial to help you stand out at job interviews.