How to Become a Photographer

Become a Photographer

As part of our review of different careers, we take a look at how to become a photographer, what a photographer does  and what skills and attributes are required to become a photographer.

What Does a Photographer Do?

As a photographer, it is highly likely that you will be a freelance worker or self-employed.  A photographer's job is to use their artistic and technical skills to take photographs that meet the clients needs. 

As a photographer, you might attend events to take photographs such as weddings and parties, you might attend business events to take promotional photographs, or photographs for websites and leaflets. You might take photographs of products that someone can put on their website, or do portraits of people or animals.  You can also take photographs and sell them to people who just need general images for content for websites and magazines. It is likely that over time you will come to specialise in one area.

Day to day your work might include meeting with clients to discuss their requirements, setting up equipment and lighting, planning your shots and taking the photographs, touching up photos, printing photo's for your clients.

Your working hours depend entirely on what you choose to do.  If you primarily work on weddings or other large events it is likely you will be working a lot of evenings and weekends.  You can set your ours entirely to suit you as you are self-employed, but what suits you is likely to end up being whatever suits your client.

Is Becoming a Photographer Right For Me?

To become a photographer you will need to have the following skills and attributes:

  • Creativity and an artistic flair
  • Technical ability with your camera
  • Reliability
  • Excellent IT and photoshop skills
  • Motivation

How Much Can a Photographer Earn?

As you're self-employed you will earn whatever you set your rates at, and that will depend on a combination of the average rate in your area, your skills and experience and what you offer.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become a Photographer?

There are no qualifications required to become a photographer, however, courses such as a Certificate or Diploma in Photography at Levels 2 and 3 will be beneficial to you in learning your craft.