How to Become a Holiday Rep

Become a Holiday Rep

In our review of different careers, we take a look at how to become a holiday rep. We also look at what being a holiday rep entails and what skills and attributes it takes to become a holiday rep.

What Does a Holiday Rep Do?

Holiday reps jobs are available both home and abroad. Holiday reps at home include red coats at Butlins or summer camps for kids. This allows you the experience of being a holiday rep without having to go far away from home.

But if you love to travel then being a holiday rep who works abroad is the perfect job for you. A holiday rep works abroad for holiday companies offering customer service to customers while they are on their holiday. They are smiling face of the tour operator who are there to ensure your holiday is everything you thought it would be.

As a holiday rep, your day to day tasks might include greeting new guests at the airport and taking them to their destination, dealing with complaints, assisting guests if they become ill, or injured, booking tickets to local attractions and arranging vehicle hire.

As a holiday rep, you really are constantly at work. You will work very long hours and usually a minimum of six days a week.

Is Becoming a Holiday Rep Right For Me?

The following skills and attributes are vital for anyone wishing to be a holiday rep:

  • A confident and outgoing personality
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • The ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Well presented
  • The ability to deal with difficult situations

How Much Can a Holiday Rep Earn?

As a holiday rep your accommodation and food will usually be paid for and in addition, you might receive anywhere between £600 and £1100 per month.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become a Holiday Rep?

No qualifications are required to become a holiday rep, but a history of demonstrating excellent customer service skills will help you to land a job.