How to Become a Bus Driver

Become a Bus Driver

In our review of different careers we take a look at how to become a bus driver. Being a bus driver is a job that deals with the general public each and every day. A good bus driver is friendly and approachable, often with good communication skills.

What Does a Bus Driver Do?

Your job will be to follow a set route, stopping at particular places at very specific times.  You will also spend a great deal of time dealing with the public and the role can be very customer focused.

You might be driving a bus on a regular route around a small town, you might be driving a coach and taking people of sight-seeing tours or just driving longer routes, such as from a town to a city.

You will need to check passes and issues tickets, handle money, provide information on other journeys and timetables as well as your own, assist with luggage, assist less able passengers onto and off the bus and carry out safety checks on your vehicle.

Is Becoming a Bus Driver Right For Me?

A good bus driver will possess the following skills:

  • Excellent customer service - buses are known for being late, and passengers are known for wishing to comment on this when they are.
  • A good knowledge of driving laws and legislation.
  • Patience
  • Good time keeping ability.
  • Confident driving ability.
  • An excellent knowledge of your routes.

How Much Can a Bus Driver Earn?

As a newly qualified driver, you can expect to earn around £15,000 a year.  This will rise up to approximately £20,000 a year with experience.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become a Bus Driver?

To become a Bus Driver, you must already have a full EU driving license.  You must then complete training for a PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) license, and CPC training (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence).  Many companies will put you through your PCV and you CPC providing you already have a full driving license and are over 21.  You can also take these qualifications yourself through any local driving school.