The JIB Gold Card

JIB Gold Card

If you are an electrician and are looking to progress in the career ladder, then the next step should be to apply and get your JIB Gold Card. With this card you will broaden your career horizons and will be able to get better paid jobs.

The JIB or Joint Industry Board is an impartial organisation which main responsibility is to set the standards for welfare, employment, apprentice training and grading in the electrical contracting industry. Their main goal is to improve the productivity and status of this industry.

How many types of ECS Cards are there?

The ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) Card is the only competence and identification card valid for electricians in the UK. It is issued by the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and it proves your identity, your occupation and qualified status when working onsite.

There are two tiers to an ECS card, the white card for trainees or apprentices, and the gold card for installation electricians.

What qualifications do I need in order to apply for an ECS Gold Card?

In order to apply for an ECS Gold Card, it is a mandatory requirement to have a UK electrotechnical NVQ Level 3 and have a recognised H&S qualification or an up to date Health & Safety Certificate.

If it is the case that the applicant does not have an NVQ 3 or can’t provide evidence of qualifications, then there is the option of getting qualified to the required NVQ Level through the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment. This way the applicant will meet the main requirement in order to apply for the Gold Card.

The applicants can also get their grade printed on the ECS card if they have an appropriate NVQ 3 qualification and the relevant practical experience.

Is it possible to get a Gold Card Training?

If you don’t have a relevant NVQ 3 you can still take an electrician Gold Card Course in order to achieve your NVQ Level 3 qualification, Assessment Measure 2 (AM2) and finally, obtain your ECS Gold Card.

Some of the subjects you will study include:

• Scientific Principles
• PAT Testing
• Structure and Organisation of the Electrical Industry
• Installation Design
• Fault diagnosis and rectification

Why do I need a Gold Card?

If you are a qualified electrician it is important to hold an ECS Gold card, as this can prove your qualified status, your occupation and identity. The ECS Gold Card is affiliated to the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme).

Some of the benefits of holding an ECS Gold Card include:

• It identifies you as a formally licensed electrician to carry out the electrotechnical work in the area mentioned in the card
• It proves your competence in electrical work as well as Health and Safety
• It displays your training credentials and qualifications
• Is endorsed by UK Part P Competent Person Schemes
• It is government and industry-backed

What are my career options if I have an ECS Gold Card?

Holding an ECS Gold Card opens a lot of new opportunities in the electrotechnical industry, with more stable and better paid jobs.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get employment as an electrician on building sites if you don’t hold an ECS card. This is mainly because many UK employers stipulate as compulsory to hold an ECS card in order to work around electricity on their sites.