How to Find Your Dream Job

Dream Job

Confucius said, "Find a job you enjoy, and you'll never work a day in your life." This is perhaps simplifying the idea of work; after all even the best jobs have their up and down moments. But finding in a job you enjoy does make your day that much more rewarding and, at the very least, makes getting up in the morning that much easier.

Picking your dream job

Finding your 'dream job' can tricky. But often the best place to start is to think about what you enjoy doing in your spare time. That way you can see if their is room for you to turn your hobby into a paying job. Once you explore this notion you may find that you can, but that you require more experience or formal qualifications to turn your passion into a career. If this is the case, you can then sit down and decide your next course of action, whether this includes study, training or work experience in a similar role.

Also, before setting off on a journey of study or filling out application forms, try to explore the option of shadowing someone already doing your 'dream job'. This is useful as once you do this, you may actually find that what you thought would be your dream career actually isn't. I once wanted to be a lawyer and so I worked at a law firm for a semester. Once I saw what we involved - the typically mundane nature of a court room - I quickly changed my mind and sought a new career.

Where to find your dream job

Most people find jobs via a number of mediums, including:

  • Local press
  • National press
  • Online job agencies- Monster, Reed, LeisureJobs etc.
  • Online job adverts - gumtree, TES, company web sites
  • Local job agencies

Whilst the latter might not directly lead to your dream job, temping or finding work just to cover outgoings is one way to afford the chance to study and gain the necessary qualifications needed for your dream job.

Typically, local, and in particular, national press will run an online jobs board as well as advertising the same jobs in their newspapers. Therefore, the obvious place to start to find your dream job in online. This has its advantages as usually you can submit your CV and cover letter via email quickly, to numerous jobs, whilst meeting deadlines with days to spare. It also allows you to research your dream job, making sure that your current experience and qualifications fit the role perfectly.

Alternatively, you can register your CV and cover letter with online job agencies who will match your experience, qualifications and chosen dream job with up and coming vacancies, email you a list of links to each job once a positive match is found.

There are other less formal ways to finding your dream job, including speculatively contacting a company that already employs people in a job you'd love to have. Sending in your CV with a cover letter is one way to gain the attention of people you'd like to work for, even if they aren't currently hiring.

What ever route you take to gaining employment in your dream job, just remember, aim high, work hard and almost anything is possible.