5 Signs You're Ready for Management

Management Role

Whichever industry you work in there will come a point when you feel that you're ready to step into a management role. However, are you ready to become a manager of people and be responsible for the successes and failures of the business? Below we have create a list of the 5 signs we feel that will highlight whether you're ready for a management role at work or not.

1. You have a good knowledge of the business

Typically managers have a deep understanding of many elements that make up the business and how they fit together. It is no coincidence that management training schemes in good companies make sure a trainee manager works in a wide variety of departments (shop floor, HR, sales, accounts, warehouse, logistics etc) before they qualify. Knowing the company inside out means that you'll be able to make educated decisions rather than decisions based on gut feelings.

2. You are a people person

Good managers know a company is only as good as its employees. Being a people person doesn't mean you have to be a people-pleaser all of the time; as a manager you'll have to make tough decisions that not everyone will like. However, a good manager will aim to keep their workforce happy and productive, without ruling with an iron fist. As a manager you should listen to people's concerns because if they have approached you in the first place, even if you see it as no big deal, they do. So empathise, listen and then do what is right for the employee, but also the business.

3. You're happy being the mediator

Often managers are the liaison between employees and upper management. This means that you'll take the genuine concerns of the employees back to the powers that be. This means you'll also take the orders of the senior executives back to the workers, whether you agree with them or not. Sure, you can raise your own concerns before you do, but ultimately what they say goes. If your happy with that then you're half way there to become a responsible manager.

4. You like to share

Managers have attained their role because they have a good understanding of a company and how to get the best out of people. Therefore, share your wisdom with others, especially your supervisors who will need to motivate their own workforce to generate the best outcomes for the business. Also, learn to give responsibilities to others. Delegation is a powerful tool for any manager as it will allow employees to take some of the workload away from you, give them some power to make educated decisions and motivate them, whilst allowing you to focus on other areas of the business that need your attention.

5. You take satisfaction from other people's successes

A business can rise and fall on the successes of its workforce. Some successes will be down to the manager, but ultimately most successes will be because of the decisions others have make, both from those above you and from those below you. Good examples include a salesman who smashes their sales targets week in and week out, or someone on the shop floor who created a successful window display that attracted more customers, which in term generated a large profit. If you can take satisfaction from the successes of others and show that that your appreciate them, then you'll make a good manager.

We hope this list of the things you need to become a manager help you think about winning promotion or working on these skills before your next promotional interview. If you feel unsure whether you are ready for a management role then read our 5 Signs You're Not Ready For Management article.