5 Signs You're Not Ready For Management

Not Ready For Management

Some people make great employees and seem ready to step up into management, only to then completely change what made them successful in the first place. For example, someone who's humour and work ethic motivated colleagues and made the working day a pleasant experience, then becomes too serious, uptight and lazy when they become a manager, isn't playing to their strengths. So, in order to determine whether you're ready to become a manager we have created a 5 signs you're not ready for management article.

1. The power to tell people off

If you want a management or supervisory role just to tell people to stop relaxing and to work harder, or to stop chatting with colleagues on the job then a management role isn't right for you. The power of a manger should be to motivate others, generate a pleasant working environment and to create a happy workforce, not one that finds you irritating and bossy.

2. Your way or the highway

There is an old saying, 'There is more than one way to skin a cat'. This basically means that you can do something differently and still get the same result. People at work will work differently, but if this bothers you then becoming a manager isn't right for you. As a manager it shouldn't be an issue if people do things differently from the way you do things, unless it is detrimental to the success of the business. There isn't one way to do a task, so don't assume there is and that your way is the best and only way.

3. Money, Money Money

If you want to become a manager just for a pay rise then you're not ready for the role. The job of a manager holds a lot of responsibility, one that typically far out ways the rise in pay. Depending on the company, a manager will work later than others, take their work home with them, work at weekends and be on call for company emergencies. Therefore, a manager should feel passionate about their role and see a rise in take home money a by-product of working hard.

4. You want to make rules

Most companies have rules and policies that make the business run smoother. So, if you're someone who wants to become a manager just to rock the status quo of your company in order create and enforce your own rules then becoming a manager isn't right for you. You have to remember, 5 minutes ago you were one of the people that now work below you. So you need to think very carefully about how you manage them. And so creating a new rule book for this and that isn't the best way to do it. In doing this you may find that the friends you made on the way up will not be there for you on the way down.

5. You think you're the boss

Being a manager isn't being the boss. The boss is the person who pays the wages and makes all the money through the good times. Paying people's wages and keeping food on their table brings with it some power and respect from the workforce. As a manager you don't get respect automatically, you earn through hard work, mucking in with the rest and being a warm and fair person. If you don't understand that, then becoming a manager isn't right for you.

We hope this list is useful to you if you think you're ready to become a manager. For ideas on whether you are ready to become a manger, read our 5 Signs You're Ready For Management article.