Spray Tanning Diploma Training Courses

Spray Tanning Diploma

A spray tan takes about 20 minutes to apply and can last for as long as a week. This treatment is a safe alternative to sunbathing or using a subbed and it gives you a great overall tan. It is completely safe and there are no unwanted tan lines or damage to the skin. Some clients will have this treatment before they go on holiday, for a night out or other special occasions. Some people may also choose to have a year round spray tan, to maintain a sun kissed look. Many courses offered are not brand specific and students will be able to work with whichever brands they choose once they return to the salon.

Who is the spray tanning diploma course aimed at?

This half day accredited diploma course is open to complete beginners,no previous beauty experience is required

Spray Tanning Diploma Training Course Content

This type of certification allows students to be able to work with all brands of spray tanning products. The course will give the student the skills they need to work as a Spray Tan Technician. The course will include the following content.

  • Industry regulations
  • Insurance
  • Client care/consultation
  • Contra-indications and precautions
  • Application of spray tan products
  • Spray tan aftercare
  • Further treatment advice
  • Promotion of this exciting treatment
  • Spray tanning practical demonstration
  • Practice sessions
  • Practical on-going assessments
  • Spray tanning health and safety

What kind of advanced course are available?

Most courses are run over one day and typically costing £65 upwards. Non brand courses mean the student is able to safely use the brand of their choice when they return to the salon, but some courses may only be brand specific which means the student may not qualified to use any other product.

After completing a spray tanning diploma course

Once a student has graduated from the course they are able to offer their services to the general public for a fee.

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