Spa Treatments Diploma Training Course

Spa Treatments

Some of the most popular spa treatments, requested in today’s salons, include body wraps, brushing and exfoliation. A one day diploma, held at various locations around the UK, will offer delegates the chance to learn these techniques and receive a course certification.

One day Spa Treatment Diploma course content

Body Brushing - Using the gentle action of a natural sisal brush is an easy way to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins from the client’s body. Health benefits of this treatment include- improved appearance of the skin, improved blood circulation and reduced water retention Dry body brushing is often used in spas as part of detoxification and slimming treatments.

Body Exfoliation - This is used to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and stimulate the blood and lymph circulation in the area that has been treated.

Body Wraps - There are various types of body wraps available helping clients to tone, soften the skin, remove toxins, remove water and excess inches.

Who is the Spa Treatment Diploma course aimed at?

There are no specific entry levels for this one day diploma course, but candidates must be over 16. The course is ideal for both beginners and an experienced therapist who is looking to add this training to what they already offer. This course will give you the accreditation required to gain insurance and be able to offer your services to the general public.

Spa Treatments Diploma Course Content

Typically, spa treatment diploma training courses including the following elements:

  • Introduction to body brushing, body exfoliation and body wrapping
  • Health & safety
  • Hygiene & sterilisation
  • Professional ethics
  • Skin diseases & disorders
  • Related anatomy & physiology
  • Contra indications
  • Consultation and record keeping
  • Treatment planning & client care
  • Consultation and record keeping
  • Demonstration of body exfoliation /body brushing & body wrapping
  • Benefits & effects
  • Materials, equipment & products
  • Practical procedure
  • Contra actions/after-care/homecare

Students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of products including wraps, bandages, plastic and foils. A range of products will be available so the delegate can match the right product to the client’s skin type.

What kind of Spa Treatments Diploma Course are available?

Some diploma courses may differ in the types of training offered, with some including massage and stone therapy. Courses tend to be ran as a one day intensive session at a cost of around £150.00.

After completing a Spa Treatments Diploma course

Many students will use this course to further their career in the beauty industry, with most being employed by spas and salons. Other students will use their skills further afield offering their services aboard cruise ships or luxury spa hotels.

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