Henna Tattoo Training Course


Henna is an ancient and traditional art where a temporary and intricate design is applied to the hands and feet. The henna paste is made from the crushed leaves and twigs of the henna plant. When this paste is applied to the skin, it leaves orange or dark maroon stains which usually last between 7-14 days. The term Mehindi or Mehandi is often used to describe the application of henna to the body. The art of applying henna has roots in many ancient cultures, but in today’s society is mostly recognised as an Indian tradition. Students enrolling on a henna course will learn how to create beautiful henna art, which is a 100% natural and beautiful skill.

Who is this Henna Tattoo Training Course aimed at?

The course is aimed at anybody who wants to learn this ancient skill. There are no formal requirements to gain access to a henna course, but an eagerness to learn is always an advantage. It is also a perfect addition to hair and make-up stylists who wish to specialise in henna techniques. Some organisations offer three levels of henna course- beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Henna Tattoo Training Course Content

Students will learn how to create many different patterns and designs. Tutors will teach both the theory of henna along with practical demonstration. Students will be encouraged to practice on live models. The course will typically include.

  • Health and Safety
  • Client Consultation
  • Contra- indications and Contra actions
  • Henna origins, preparation and storage
  • Meaning of henna design in different cultures
  • Effective colour transfer
  • Skin preparation
  • Henna application
  • Aftercare advice

What kind of Henna courses are available?

There are a wide range of henna courses available depending on the level of skill you want to achieve. These courses vary in length, from between a one day intensive course and a 9 week long course. Price typically start from £125 for a day course to £600 for a longer course.

After completing the Henna Tattoo Training Course

Students completing the course successfully will be able to offer their clients henna tattoos for bridal parties and special occasions. Some students may continue to develop their skill set and study Nail Art, Pedicure or Head Massage.

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