Hairdressing Level 3 Training Courses

Hairdressing Level 3

The hairdressing Level 3 training course follows on directly from the hairdessing Level 2 course and is aimed at people who want to become more skilled and take on more responsibility at work. The hairdressing level 3 learner may have the opportunity to become a senior stylist within the salon and will work with salon juniors. During this course, your assessor will come to visit you at your workplace to evaluate your practical skills. Once a week you will be released to college to continue to train.

Who is the Hirdessing Level 3 course aimed at?

To qualify for the hairdressing Level 3 course, students must already have a Level 2 in hairdressing, this course is designed to further hairdressing skills.

Hairdressing Level 3 Course content

During the hairdressing Level 3 training course you will be able to develop your independence as a stylist. You will study a wide range of hairdressing skills and will be taught in client based situations and practical sessions. The content of this course will include the following.

  • Monitor and maintain health and safety practise in the salon
  • Creative hairdressing design skills
  • Fashion perming
  • Colour hair to create a variety of techniques
  • Hair colour correction
  • Client consultation
  • Cut women's hair to create a variety of looks
  • Style and dress hair using a variety of techniques
  • Bridal hairstyling
  • Contribute to the planning and implementation on promotional activities

The student will be assessed on practical skill with friends, clients and colleagues.An online theory test, assignments and portfolio work will also count towards your final mark. Upon your final mark. Upon successful completion of the course the student will be awarded a level 3 in hairdressing.

What kind of advanced course are available?

This is mostly done as a 36 weeks course, done over 2 days each week. As an essential part of the course the candidate must be have a work placement in a salon for a minimum of 6 hours per week. The courses require excellent attendance, punctuality and a can do attitude. Haidressing Level 3 courses cost between £1800- £3500 dependent upon the student's age.

After the Hairdressing Level 3 course

Upon completion the student may decide to do a hairdressing level 4 certificate or advanced hairdressing certificate to qualify in teaching or work onboard a cruise ship. Many students work as a stylist in a salon or even set up their very own salon.

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