Enhance & Maintain Nails Training Courses

Enhance & Maintain Nails

The enhanced and maintain nails training course is ideal for someone looking for a career in the UK beauty sector. This course acts as a standalone course for someone looking to work in a specialised area of beauty or as a CPD course for someone looking to add a string to their beauty skill set.

Who is the Enhance and Maintain Nails training course aimed at?

Typically, to enrol onto the enhance and maintain nail training course you will need to hold a Level 2 in manicuring qualification; though some courses do act as an entry level course into the beauty sector. Students will need to be over 16 years old and be interested in working in a beauty salon or as a freelance nail specialist.

Ideally, a person enrolling on this course should be a competent artist who can draw and paint on small surfaces as the enhancement of nails will require a student and graduate to paint elaborate designs on the nails of clients.

Nail treatment and the enhancement of nails is a growing industry, so the enhancement and maintain nail course is ideal for someone looking to create a niche for themselves within their local beauty sector.

To enrol onto the enhance and mainain nails training course, students should be proficient spoken and written English, as clients will have specific requirements when in comes to their nails.

Enhance and Maintain Nails course content

Training courses in enhance and maintaining nails will differ slightly, but typically a good course should include:

  • Health and safety at work
  • Understanding client requirements
  • How to extend the natural nail
  • How to enhance the natural nail
  • Preparing the natural nail
  • Nail types
  • Nail growth
  • Different tips and their features
  • Nail diseases and disorders
  • How to apply natural nail art
  • How to apply acrylic nails
  • How to design acrylic nail art
  • Nail and skin analysis

Most courses offer students to practice nail enhancement and maintenance techniques on each other. Also most courses will require students to pass practical and written assessments before successfully graduating.

What kind of enhance and maintain nail courses are available?

Depending on your prior experience in the beauty sector, the course could take anywhere from a day to a year! Obviously, someone with prior experience with working on nails, a nail technician for example, may only take a few hours to understand how to apply nail art, whereas, a novice will take a lot longer. So pick your course wisely from:

  • One day course
  • One week course
  • Home study and distance learning
  • Full-time college course
  • Part-time college course
  • Beauty salon apprentiship

After the enhance and maintain nails course

Graduates of an enhance and maintain nails training course have a number of future options, including studying as a full-time nail technician or further study to become a beauty therapist. Those graduates looking to go into full-time employment in a beauty salon should have the confidence to practice their new found skills on the general public.

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