Barbering Training Courses


Barbering is the skilled profession that requires a steady hand and a creative mind. When it comes to cutting a man's hair, an idea of popular styles and up-to-date fashion trends is a must as you might be required to cut the latest Beckham cut or the popular Joe Essex.

Who is a barbering training course aimed at?

Barbering courses are aimed at men and women who are keen to work in the hair and beauty sector. Budding barbers will be een to work predominantly on male hair, though occasionally some women may wish to use the services of a barber.

Barber shops are tradionally no nonsense places of work, but these days barber shops are run in more trendy areas and require employees to be excellent communicators and be able to understand a good level of English.

Choosing the right barbering course for you

There are a range of barbering courses available, allowing students to pick the right course for their needs, budget and time frame. The courses on offer include:

  • Entry level barbering (NVQ Level 2)
  • Barber Refining
  • Barber Certification
  • Wet Shave courses
  • Clipper fading courses
  • Combo clipper and wet shave courses

Entry level barbering is open to people with little or no experience of hair cutting but wish to become a barber working in a barber shop or hair salon.

Barbering training course content

Entry level barbering at an NVQ Level 2 course will include all the basics required for a student to become a confident working barber. These skill taught will include:

  • Health and Safety at work
  • Advise and consult with clients
  • Shampoo and conditioning (treat the hair and scalp)
  • Cut hair using basic barbering techniques - layering, fading, texturising, finishing
  • Cut facial hair to shape using basic techniques
  • Dry and Finish men’s hair
  • Create basic patterns in hair
  • Promote additional services or product to customers

Other barber courses, post the NVQ Level 2 course including intermediate and advanced barbering, which looks to further enhance haircutting skills and techniques that you will face in hair salons, including wet shaves and cut-throat razor shaving.

What kind of barbering training courses are available?

There are a wide range of barbering courses available, including:

  • Apprenticeships and training on the job
  • Full-time barbering courses
  • Part-time barbering courses
  • 1 or 2 day refresher courses

Some barbering courses, NVQ and Certificate in Barbering training courses can last from 4 to 16 weeks, depending on the techniques taught. So, before embarking on a barbering course, make sure you are willing, and able, to commit some time to your vocation.

After completing a barbering course

After graduating from a barbering training course you should be able to find gainful employment in a wide range of barber shops, hair salons or beauty salons. There is a demand for classic barbering as clipper cuts and wet shaves / cut-throat razor shaves never go out of fashion.

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