About Us

CourseFeeder.co.uk enables people who are looking for training courses to thousands of courses that will suit their needs.


CourseFeeder.co.uk was created by a small team of individuals who are passionate about bringing a wide range of educational choices to people by making their search for training a simple, efficient and effective experience.


By launching our services in November 2017, Coursefeeder.co.uk set about providing this service, saving prospective students time and effort.


Usually, people who are interested in enrolling in a training course would have to directly contact a number of providers to find the perfect course. Sometimes this can be time consuming and frustration. Not any more. CourseFeeder.co.uk will do all the contacting for you and then email the training course literature straight to your inbox, allowing you to pick exactly the right course for your needs.

Not featured?

If you are looking for a course that is not yet offered on CourseFeeder please register your interest here - www.coursefeeder.co.uk/signup.php